Ensure your sanity by avoiding “11th-hour” tasks

Ensure your sanity by avoiding “11th-hour” tasks

The day of the event is fast approaching – you have successfully sold 750 seats for the Annual Gala Dinner which promises to be a fantastic evening.

Only one problem – three-quarters of the registrations have incomplete guest information. Your spreadsheets indicate a seat is sold but you neither know the names of the 10 people who are guests of the registrant, nor their menu selection, nor their seating preferences nor any other special needs that they might have.

That’s when the 11th-hour crisis hits the team. Frantic telephone calls and emails begin to registrants in order to elicit the missing information. If you are fortunate to reach a registrant and get the missing guest information – now the information has to be entered manually into your spreadsheet!

The boardroom becomes the “event war room” with the boardroom table used to spread-out the multiple work-in-progress spreadsheet printouts.

You have to finalize catering numbers, you have to finalize table assignments and the venue layouts – and the data is incomplete!

Often event organizers using spreadsheets “don’t even know what they don’t know”.

This is where an event organizer needs to realize that event registration is actually only one component (albeit an important one) of a much bigger process event MANAGEMENT.

EventGenie is an Event Registration Management (“ERM”) app, because it is the management functionality that adds to the efficiency of the event team members.

So you would expect that any efficient ERM app should have automated ways of detecting missing guest information and the event manager should be able to rapidly at the “click-of-a-few-buttons” communicate with 500 registrants in order to get the registrants to supply the missing guest data – and of course any updated information supplied by the registrants should automatically update guest names, their menu selection,  their seating preferences and any other special needs that the guests might have, without any additional effort on the part of event organizer or the event team!

Sounds too good to be true?

Arrange a free demo of this process by sending an email to: info@eventgenie.ca

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    September 5, 2018 @ 5:36 pm

    Very interesting article.

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