Tonight’s my Board meeting – I need Event stats ASAP – HELP!

Tonight’s my Board meeting – I need Event stats ASAP – HELP!

The dread of most event organizers is having to compile event stats in time for the monthly meeting of the Board or for the weekly Event Team meeting.

Invariably we hear the same old messages:

“I wish I could trust my event reports that the team creates for me”.

“ I know I have 675 registered guests – but I do not know if my individual seat sales are going well or not ? Some guest seats are part of sponsorships purchased, others are part of an Ad purchased, some are complimentary seats and some are actually purchased seats. Every time I ask for event stats, it takes hours of my staff to breakdown these figures and reconcile the income derived from these different registrations”

“ I have allocated donors / clients to my event solicitation team members to go out and sell sponsorships and seats but have no idea who is selling what.

“I wish I could press a button and print out a report with an entire “360-degree-view” of my event stats!

The good news is – “there is an App for that!”

Only a 100% integrated Event Registration Management app is going to be able to give you this information at the “click-of-of-button” and REAL-TIME.

EventGenie form Pro Cloud Consulting goes a step further in terms of stats and reporting.

An important aspect of an Event Registration app is not only the efficient registration of guests and the accumulation of event stats but also the efficient management of event related budgets and event costs as they are incurred in the execution of the event.

EventGenie is one App which allows the event organizer to efficiently enter and manage the approval of an event budget at a detailed item level and then enter costs as they are incurred in the management of the event.

The EventGenie costing module tabulates in real-time all budgeted and approved costs, and deposits and partial cost installments made for expenditures as the are made.

As a result, at the “click-of-a-button” a 360-degree view of the ROI of the event can be displayed or printed in a report showing both breakdown of event revenues and event costs.

Being ready for those Board meeting becomes a breeze!

Arrange a free demo of EventGenie’s real-time revenue and cost management reporting by sending an email to:

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