Touchless-registration processes

A “touchless-registration” process can eliminate 95% of work for your event team!

So often when a donor enters a donation on many non-profit websites sites, depending on the sophistication of the system being used, a donation of say $100.00 will be “touched” by the non-profit organization’s staff anything from 1 – 8 times.

The “touches” in the less sophisticated donor management systems include

  1. processing the credit card donation
  2. having to manually write a “thank you” email or letter to the donor
  3. loading new account if it is a new donor in your accounting system or donor management system
  4. posting the pledge and payment
  5. transferring and reconciling the credit card payment when you get payment from the credit card payment processor e.g. PayPal
  6. posting the income into the General Ledger
  7. sending a Tax Receipt to the donor and of course
  8. reporting the donation as part of your monthly reporting regimen.

That’s a lot of manual “touches” to accept a simple $100.00 donation!

Of course some non-profit organizations have automated a few of these processes – but with today’s technology there is no reason why the $100.00 donation cannot be “touchless” – where all these tasks are automated!

The problem gets far worse when doing event registrations.

A Gala Dinner with 1,000 guests is not uncommon!  Not only would the organization have the payment process to deal with as described above, but what about the recording of different sponsorship level purchases, recording the accrued benefits of each level of sponsorship purchased which could include free Ads and event seats, the recording of seat sales and the complex needs of each guest. The need to communicate professionally with the guests who have signed up for the event and much more.

Most non-profits rely on “beefing up the event team”, creating humongous  event spreadsheets which are never up-to-date and constantly need to be consolidated with other spreadsheets and of course having to manually capture all the event data of a event registration MANUALLY!

That’s a lot of data capture and wasted effort on the part of the event who could rather be focused “selling the event” to donors and clients and ensuring the professionalism of the event’s contents rather than the overload of data capture and constant manual reconciliation of the various aspects of the event.

EventGenie from Pro Cloud Consulting uses “straight-through-processing” techniques – where even a complex registration and payment of say a sponsorship purchase, an Ad purchase and 20 guest registrations, together was say an additional event  donation  can be automated. The associated records for such a registration would automatically be generated from 1 single registration and with no manual capture on the part of the event team members.

Seeing is believing:  A “touchless-registration” process can eliminate 95% of work for your event team!

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