Why are 3rd-party Event Registration apps such a pain?

Why are 3rd-party Event Registration apps such a pain?

A number of non-profit organizations and for-profit organizations use popular apps like EventBrite and Constant Contact for the registration of guests attending paid and free events.

The functionality of such apps normally allow for the customization of registration forms and the definition of various ticket levels etc. and they work well for basic event registration and the processing of a fee through PayPal etc.

The output of such systems is normally a registration confirmation email for the registrant and various spreadsheets containing registrant data for the event organizer.

But here is where the challenge begins.

This blog will highlight 2 of the many areas of pain (and inefficiencies) experienced by registrants and event organizers.

Problem 1:

The Lack of Real-time Integration: If you are organizing an event with 100 – 1,500 attendees, invariably you will want to “upload” registrant data into your CRM or Donor Management system REAL-TIME! This data is critical in being able to manage registrants efficiently, manage the ROI of the event, report the status of the  event to event Chairs on a timely basis and more. Also the historical event attendee data is invaluable for marketing new events.

The event organizer wants to make it as easy as possible for a registrant to register – especially if it is a donor who is well known to the organization! Why make the registrants re-enter all their contact or account details again if they are already in your database?

Attempting to “reconcile” contacts and accounts that may already be in your database with a spreadsheet from a 3rd-party registration app and if need be, loading new contacts and accounts into your database prior to being able to capture the registration details is a tedious task and ultimately ends up being fraught with errors.

This is where an App like EventGenie from Pro Cloud Consulting takes a different approach. The app is 100% native and integrated with Salesforce and your CRM / Donor Management system. This is really beneficial to the registrant and the event organizer!

When a registrant begins a registration process, the system will check if the registrant is already a contact or account on the database and if he is not, the info for a new contact or account will be entered and loaded to create the contact or account record. All registration details are updated immediately – real-time into your CRM database. There is no reliance on spreadsheets, manual data capture or the use of tools to sync data from the 3rd-party registration app into your database!

Problem 2:

The absence of automated processing of sponsorship benefits:  Most events like an annual Gala Dinner raise funds not by only selling tickets.

Event organizers normally raise funds by selling sponsorships, ads for the event journal, tables, tickets and some events encourage registrants to give additional event related donations to the non-profit as well.

Sponsorship levels normally have their associated benefits. For example, a $25,000 Gold Sponsorship may come with a table with 10 guests and 1 x full-page Ad.

Invariably, 3rd-party event registration apps do not cater for different “event products” nor the automation and management of benefits associated with the different products.

When EventGenie was designed, the concept of automated benefit generation and management was developed.

The advantages of this concept are many.

By way of an example: a registrant is automatically prompted to provide data based on the package of benefits associated with the particular product.

Say a $25,000 Gold Sponsorship comes with a table of 10 guests and 1 x full-page Ad.

The registrant buying a Gold Sponsorship would be automatically guided to provide the salient data required for each of the 10 guests and the full-page Ad at the time of the registration.

Of course, if he buys the registration 6 weeks in advance of the event, probably he does not have the guest list available at that time.

Whilst this is an issue for organizations using a 3rd-party registration app, this is not a problem for organizations using EventGenie.  “Straight-through processing”– an automated processing technique used in EventGenie would generate all the required records associated with this sponsorship automatically in the CRM / Donor Management system. Then automated functionality would be used later to assist the event organizer to get the missing guest information at the appropriate time before the event from the registrant. This will be a subject of a future blog – Ensure your sanity by avoiding “11th-hour” tasks

The Lack of Real-time Integration and the absence of automated processing of sponsorship benefits are only 2 of the many shortcomings of using 3rd-party registration apps instead of an integrated app like EventGenie Other shortcomings will be discussed in future blogs.

Arrange a free demo of these 2 concepts to get a better understanding of the advantages of EventGenie by sending an email to: info@eventgenie.ca

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