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Below are some of the many features that you can expect in EventGenie:

 Business Functionality Comment
Definition of Event Attributes by Event OrganizerYesNo programmer required
Generation of a customized registration forms with specific event details YesCompleted +/- 10 minutes. No programmer required
Allow for B2B registrationsYesUsed when doing a registration on behalf of an organization
Allow for B2C registrationsYesUsed when doing a registration on behalf of an individual
Optional selling of SponsorshipsYesMultiple levels of Sponsorships
Automatic management of Sponsorship benefitsYesWe want to make it easy for registrants to purchase a sponsorship and automatically enjoy the benefits attached to each level of sponsorship.
Optional selling of Ads for an Event journalYesMultiple sizes of Ads
Automatic management of Ad benefitsYesWe want to make it easy for registrants to buy an Ad and automatically enjoy the benefits attached to each size of Ad purchased.
Management of Ad submission to the non-profit event organizerYesYou will like this feature!
Optional registration of seats / tickets salesYesMultiple price levels of Seats
Allow for optional discount promo codes on seatsYesSure – that’s to be expected.
Allow for optional capture of menu; and various guest preferencesYesIt is all about making your guests happy – manage their needs efficiently.
Management of complimentary seat allocationsYesGreat stats of different seats assigned to guest.
Wait-listed seat managementYesWe accept the registration – after-all this is a fundraising event; we wait-list the seats, you manage the need for additional tables or a bigger venue – and when you wish to, simply ”un-publish” the registration form!
“Touch-less” registration processYesUsing EventGenie’s very smart automated “straight-thru processing” – most registrations are touch-less!
“Step-by-step” guided process to register for an eventYesUsing a dynamic intuitive registration form it is really easy to purchase sponsorships, ads, seats and event give an additional event donation.
Allow for optional automatic creation of Contacts from guest listsYesThis year’s new guest become next year’s registrants!
Campaign ManagementYesIntegrated with Salesforce.
Allow for capture of event related donationsYesEventGenie provides a mechanism to allow generous registrants to donate additional event donations.
eMail, Notes, PDF managementYesIntegrated with Salesforce.
Registration confirmationYesAutomatic email
Invoicing and PDF copy YesAutomatic email
Registration payment management YesChoice of 2 popular Payment Gateways and checks
“11th-hour” finalization of guest lists and preferencesYesAutomatic emails with registrant allowed updates
“Check-in” using QR code scanningYesEventGenie sends QR to guest cellular phones for a rapid check-in at the event.
Event Venue rapid “Check-in” YesEventGenie allows for a screen-based rapid check-in process with or without QR codes for those who never brought their cellphones or QR codes to the event.
General Ledger income trackingYesThis automatic feature makes the Finance department happy. EventGenie makes use of the Salesforce GAU functionality.
Event Cost ManagementYesA great cost planning and management tool in EventGenie keeps the Board and Finance department happy.
Event Campaign managementYesEventGenie uses Campaigns to further manage all aspects of the event.
Event StatisticsYesDetailed real-time “360-degree view” of event stats, sales, costs, ROI
Reports / DashboardYesLeveraging the power of Salesforce reliable reports and dashboards can be generated in a few seconds.
Choice of Payment Gateway processingYesIATS or Stripe – both offer an easy application process for a Merchant account.
Check paymentsYesEventGenie recognizes that some organizations require an invoice to remitting a check. EventGenie provides this option.
Installation and setup of EventGenie (one-time) Really Easy30 minutes – and we will assist you as required.
Installation of Salesforce and Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP)Really EasyAssuming you do not already use Salesforce in your organization, you will need to install a copy of both Salesforce and the NPSP package from Salesforce. The good news – Salesforce.org donates 10 User licences for free to qualifying non-profit organizations. It will take +/- 1 hour to get this set up for you.
Reliance on 3rd-party appsNoneEventGenie needs Salesforce and the Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack and that’s it.
You will of course need to get a Merchant account at IATS or Stripe – but that’s pretty easy!
Set-up effort and publishing of a complex new Gala Fundraising event EasyYour first event will probably take you+/- 10 minutes to set up. You will need 2 graphics for the event and of course the sponsorship levels, ad sizes and seat prices. Once entered you are ready to start accepting event registrations
Set-up of similar events Really Easy Simply clone an event and make the required changes and you are ready to publish it.
Prevention of contact duplication YesWe surely try to prevent duplicate contacts and accounts!
Data security, integrity and audit managementYesEventGenie leverages Salesforce’s record security access management and foot-printing to manage data security, integrity and audit management.
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