Who We Are

Pro Cloud Consulting Inc. (formerly Non Profit Solutions), is an ISV Salesforce Partner focused on bringing a powerful event registration management application “EventGenie” to market.

Our signature APP – EventGenie harnesses our many years of experience designing and delivering systems that embrace our business knowledge and the power of Salesforce. EventGenie is a very affordable event registration and management application that will dramatically improve registration and administration processes, increasing event revenues and also reducing the costs of your event management team.

Joshua Protter, President and CEO of Pro Cloud Consulting has been delivering solutions to clients in the financial sector and in non-profit sector for 30+ years. Throughout his career in “big corporate”, Joshua was responsible for the successful implementation of numerous multi-million dollar systems in the finance sector, particularly for stock exchanges, security commissions, banks and insurance companies.

With his creative team EventGenie was born.  This App harnesses the power of Salesforce’s CRM architecture to provide an invaluable application to Event organizers.

A free 30-minute demo will demonstrate the power of this very affordable App. We would love to show you how you could be managing your events.

Even if you are not currently using Salesforce, let’s still chat, we have some ideas.


Let EventGenie bring the magic to your event !

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